We can work with any designated contractor to cut the concrete floor between the antennas where the inter-connect cable will run as well as a floor cut for the wire that runs between the primary antenna & the power supply.

This ensures all wires will be under the floor & completely sealed before a store opens for business.


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Why Do I Need A Checkpoint Systems Solution for My Store?

Checkpoint Systems is the pioneer of radio frequency (RF) Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security solutions for retail, with over 50 years experience, technological advancement, & expertise to help retailers retain merchandise and increase profitability. A Checkpoint solution offers unparalleled detection with sturdy, robust, & aesthetically pleasing antennas. Checkpoint and its subdivision ALPHA produce a wide variety of tags, labels, & keepers to secure every type of merchandise. There simply is no other EAS manufacturer who produces the variety that Checkpoint does.

Can I Afford a Checkpoint Systems Solution?

When the long-term ROI of a Checkpoint Systems solution is considered, the yearly costs are minimal. Checkpoint Systems solutions have been engineered to ensure years of excellent performance.

Does You Offer Leasing?

We offer no leasing. Our standard policy on a system install is a 50 % deposit with the balance due 7 days after installation.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We accepts all major credit cards & corporate checks.


 Warranties, Maintenance, & Service
3 Main Considerations

Questions & Guidelines for Checkpoint EAS Systems

Installation Guidelines
Post-Store Opening

30 Years of Sales Experience

working with the leader in retail solutions - CHECKPOINT SYSTEMS®


  • Aesthetic Look 
  • Size of Antennas 
  • Size of Entrance Space

Pre-Store Opening

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All Liberty Class Antennas have a 1 full year warranty on all parts & labor. Upon the completion of the first year, all service is performed at the standard service rates determined by Checkpoint.

All Evolve Class Antennas have 1 full year warranty on all parts & labor. 

These warranties are subject to change by Checkpoint.

Although floor cuts are still possible after a store has already been opened, there is an additional charge for this service & the store would have to be closed while the work is being done.

Otherwise, the technician uses wire-mold & conduit along the wall where the power supply is located, to the primary antenna, & then to the secondary antenna. There is a slight raise in the floor surface where the wire-molds rests.

To preserve aesthetics & facilitate customer convenience, we suggest placing a heavy carpeted floor-mat between the antennas to cover the wire mold.

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All service work is performed by Checkpoint's technicians or by Checkpoint-trained technicians working for Checkpoint's certified partners.

Because Checkpoint's antennas contain circuit boards that contain proprietary technology, only those with access to the software & security codes can access the circuit boards to service them. No electrician can service Checkpoint's digital antennas.

Standard service rates apply in hourly increments. There is a 2 hour minimum on all service calls ( 1 hour travel + 1 hour service). After that, service is billed in 1/2 hour increments starting with the 1st second of the new 1/2 hour.

Rates can be provided upon request as Checkpoint does not advertise its prices.

Checkpoint antennas & deactivation pads are molded plastic alloys and the deactivation chassis & power supplies are metal.

The best way to maintain the life of a system is by regularly cleaning the system so that dust, spores, & large particles do not hinder the performance of the electronic circuitry.

Regularly sweep around the antennas & the power supply to remove dust & other particles with a broom or a vacuum with an attachment.

Use a soft cloth & a solvent like 409TM  to

gently wipe down the outer plastic covering of the antennas. This preserves the aesthetic look of the antennas.

Regular cleaning reduces the need for service calls.