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The major improvement from the Liberty Class Antennas to the Evolve Class Antennas is network connectivity.


Retail Security Choice: Checkpoint Analytics

Evolve-Net is Checkpoint's Cloud-based reporting service that uses information gathered from the VisiPlus unit to generate standard & customized reports. Bi-directional traffic counts, including time stamps for each "hit" are gathered together & accessed within Checkpoint's Cloud service.

This information can be used to analyze specific data points such as the number of customers within a given hour. In turn, that information can help individual stores & chains improve their daily, weekly & monthly operations.
  • Establishes Connection Between the VisiPlus People Counting Unit & the Evolve-Net Data Reporting Service
  • Enables Remote Diagnostics 
  • Technicians Tune Antennas by Connecting With Laptops
  • Designed for Future Full Remote Servicing Without the Physical Presence of Technicians


Checkpoint's People Counting Unit, VisiPlus, is a laser-based bi-directional unit that counts both incoming & outgoing traffic. It links to the Evolve circuit board in the antennas & sends the information it gathers via the network connectivity of the Evolve board to Checkpoint's Cloud-based reporting service, Evolve-Net.

 Checkpoint VisiPlus